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October 13, 2011

Imaginary Tweets: Travel Edition

Tweets from the Twitterless - quick thoughts from the top of my head as we prepare for takeoff.

Spent an hour compiling a Google Doc with Bangkok details. We're really going!

Our trusty blender broke. (Smoothie addiction may or may not be to blame.)

Missing mom and dad after a great weekend together.

Excellent resource for petites.

Somehow I missed this - Parks & Rec is back!!

What are your plane essentials? Want diversions for N (3 yrs old) and moisturizer for my skin/lips.

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{Image via Phranakorn Nornlen}


  1. Hey Charissa! I like your tweets :) When my sister and I were little, my mom would bring out a new toy when we got settled on the plane. It was usually a little book or something like that, but it was a surprise and kept us occupied for a bit. We'd also have dry cereal to crunch to help our ears pop. I don't know if that would help N., but it helped us. Now my plane treat is bringing quality food. I've had too many soggy peanut butter sandwiches sitting in airports, and it just seems to make a yucky situation even yuckier!

  2. @-Sarah - Hi! So good to hear from you. I appreciate the advice from your childhood. N loves cereal and it would be a lightweight snack to bring along! I know what you mean about quality food, too. I remember one trip in the last year where we threw a banana into G's backpack (probably trying not to waste what we had at home). Needless to say it was not in very appetizing shape by the time we made it through security, etc! Thanks again for writing!

  3. Lip balm is a must for me wherever I go and sweets to suck to help the popping ear problem. Hope you have a brilliant time.

  4. YES! Parks and Rec is BACK! and super awesome. Glad to hear that you like that show too! It's my friday treat to watch it and catch up on your blog! =) ~erin

  5. @Valerie - How nice to hear from you again! Thank you for the suggestions on what to bring. I will definitely go with a lip balm in my pocket!

    @501 - Hi Erin! Oh man, I feel like Parks & Rec was written just for me. It's my ideal blend of humor - fun to hear you like it too!


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