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November 28, 2011

Collaged Gift Card | Wrap Story

While browsing through my photos I realized I never posted about this Christmas gift for my sister and brother-in-law. With the holidays approaching, gift cards are such a convenient gift that you can customize for anyone. Here's another creative way to wrap them!

S and A live in Seattle and love to eat. They mentioned a new restaurant while we were visiting, Cheeky Cafe. We didn't get to try their Asian-inspired comfort food, but we popped in and got a gift card. I'd been eyeing my mom's pack of washi tape sitting in the living room and jumped at the opportunity to use it!

I found the teal envelope and mustard cardstock in my mom's (plentiful) paper supply and went to town! I had fun cutting out their initials.

I made the gift card part of a larger "gift certificate", collaging the restaurant logo and hours on from their take out menu. The washi tape was perfect for adhering the gift card to the cardstock - with a little coaxing, it peels right off the gift card without residue.

Will you be giving any gift cards this Christmas?

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  1. this one's great Charissa! i especially like the cut out initials in the washi tape.

  2. Yes! What a nicely wrapped gift :) We loved it.

  3. @Michele Pacey - Thanks, Michele! The initials were actually just cut out of paper.

    @Shawna - So glad! Do you still go to Cheeky's?

  4. What a great idea! It adds such a personal touch to gifts cards which, let's face it, can feel a bit impersonal sometimes.


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