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November 16, 2011

Imaginary Tweets: Fall Weather Edition

Tweets from the Twitterless. Today, status updates from my head as the temperature dips.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf. My scarf knowledge just grew exponentially!

Inspired by this book to take a couple of scarves on our trip instead of jewelry.

Beautiful post on my favorite motherhood blog.

And on a sillier note, this made me laugh. Just bought a huge 2nd hand train set for N.

Beatles-themed birthday party? Too cool for (pre)school.

Moms, what shoes do you wear when the weather cools down?

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{Image via SCARFSHOP}


  1. Thank you. The way I wear a scarf is easy but not totally satisfactory... I know what to do now that I've watched the video. I shall be showing off next time I wear one.

  2. @Valerie - How sweet to imagine you trying our your new skills! Personally, I never knew there was so much to learn on the subject. : )

  3. Wow! That scarf tutorial is amazingly well-edited (not to mention really helpful)! I was walking around Istanbul last week (oh, did I mention Eddie and I went to Turkey?!) and admiring all the pretty ways people were tying their scarves and wishing I knew how to do it! I wanted to look up some tutorials but didn't have youtube access. So yes... very timely! And I want to hear about your trips! I'm dying to go to Japan and Thailand!

  4. @Jessica - Isn't it amazing? It's like the older sister you never had letting you in on her cool fashion secrets. There's a behind-the-scenes post on her blog - a lot of work went into it!

    Didn't know you went to cool. There's so much to post about but I'm putting together some Japan posts for next week. Thanks for saying hi!

  5. thanks for linking. you're so sweet. hope you had a lovely time in japan! and as for shoes...there's a pair in the land's end catalog i've been eyeing. gray water-resistant suede. :)

  6. @Won - Yes, yes, yes! Your writing is too moving not to share. And thanks for the tip. The high school me would be alarmed that Lands End is more my speed these days, but I guess people change, right?


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