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November 29, 2011

Imaginary Tweets: Zooming Out Edition

Above, washi taped light switches and thermostat at MT Expo.

Made this bread with N. He was so bummed we couldn't bake it right away that we made this for dinner.

Could this magically come in my size?

Discovered forgotten Converse in closet. Maybe fall shoe dilemma is solved!

Saw Grand Canyon for the 1st time on drive to see family for Thanksgiving. WOW.

What other drive-able sights have I been missing out on? S. Cal readers, enlighten me!

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  1. Love this delicious stream of consciousness. Hope all is well. I imagine you're currently in the middle of some wonderful wrapping overdrive.

  2. @Kelly - Always nice to hear from you! I felt the no-knead bread was lacking in taste (though the texture was awesome). I want to try again doing the 'artisan bread in 5 minutes' technique to see if it'll have more flavor after more time in the fridge before baking.

    Always good to see what you're cooking up on your blog!


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