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November 23, 2011

Reader Questions Wanted

Take a deep breath. The holiday season is upon us!

As full of meaning as this time can be, it's easy to get stressed. As much as I love gift wrapping, I'm at my best when I can focus on one present at a time. Doing it in multiples? I'm a little frazzled.

What about you? Are you puzzling over how to gift wrap assembly-line style? Wondering what the best wrapping is for a gift that must be mailed? Or maybe you want to really wow someone with your gift?

Comment below with your question for the Gifted Reader Mailbox. The most desperate sounding Lucky readers will have their question featured with the opportunity for others to chime in with their creative gift wrapping ideas!

So, got a question? Ask away!

Past reader questions:
Traveling with a gift
I don't have enough wrapping paper!
How do people wrap gifts in other parts of the world?
Non-material gifts (gift certificate, day at the spa, etc)
Homemade baby shoes
Weird-shaped gifts
Shopping bags as gift bags
Storing gift wrapping supplies

I can't wait to see what you ask - so don't be shy!

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  1. How can I make Eco-friendly wrapping paper look "cool". I usually always use newspaper and 1. the ink runs and 2. it looks a little cheap sometimes. Thanks!

  2. For some reason my name didn't show up in the comment :0

  3. @Shelly - Thanks for kicking us off! Great question for the blog.

  4. @Terra Orr - Yes, I'd forgotten all of the Reader Questions we've featured in the past. Readers have contributed so many great gift wrapping ideas in response to these questions!

    Any more questions out there? Now's the time to ask!

  5. This year I'll be doing some presents in big glass jars (sort of like these:,2811.html). Any ideas on how I can wrap them?

  6. @Shawna - Hey sis! Mom told me about some of your and A's gift plans but I didn't hear about anything that involved jars. Cool! Thank you for submitting your question.

  7. My family travels with a carload of wrapped gifts around Christmas, and various bows and gift toppers are usually smushed by the time we get there. My solution in the past has been to add bows once we're there, but I don't want to do that this year. Do you have any ideas for traveling with gifts, or for flat wrapping ideas that don't look bare and boring?

  8. @Sarah - Excellent question. I can't wait to brainstorm for you!

  9. Charissa, do you have any suggestions for gifts, especially hand-made or DIY? I suppose it's not really a wrapping question but more about the gift inside. Sometimes that's harder!

  10. @501 - YES, what's on the inside can totally be harder! For some gift ideas, you can check out my gift brainstorming posts from a couple of years ago here. I also made some rosemary maple nuts last year - check out the Food in Jars blog for the recipe!


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