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November 22, 2011

Washi Tape Heaven at MT Expo

Washi tape lovers, hold on to your seats! The car picture I shared from our Japan trip was from a week-long installation in Tokyo made by MT tape, makers of the wildly popular Japanese washi tape. I saw the event blogged on Hello Sandwich the afternoon before our one day stop in Tokyo.

I couldn't believe our luck with the timing! We took the train to Shibuya and fearless G navigated us towards the tape.

We made it!

Washi tape covered buildings.

Washi tape vending machines!

We blended right in with the locals.   ; )

Shoppers browsing rolls of tape and sticker sheets.

The event was held at a venue called Dictionary Club, and the entire interior was covered in tape. Amazing!

In the staircase.

There was also a small exhibition on the history of Kamoi, the parent company of mt tape. Did you know they started as a flypaper company? Check out the insect-catching ribbons below! Kamoi was making tape for construction sites and other industrial purposes when a group of artists emailed them in 2006 to let them know they were using it for artmaking! The rest is history.

Rolls of uncut washi tape...

and a cutting machine from the MT factory to cut them to size.

Sample projects at the MT tape pop-up shop. Love the gift bow!

I bought an extra-wide stripey tape and roll of washi paper to take home with me. I'm sure they'll make appearances on my gifts soon!

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  1. I've never used washi tape but wow! I would have loved to have seen this exhibition and bought a few rolls myself. Thanks for taking us on a tour along with you!

  2. Wow, what a treat to visit this great installation! I loooove washi tape. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can't believe they covered all that stuff in tape! How cool it must have been for you to see it all in person. Thanks for the great photo blog!

  4. @Michele Pacey - I'd love to see you let loose with some rolls of washi tape and your stash of recyclables!

    @Linda K. - You would have loved this, then. Have you ever used washi tape in your card- or art-making?

    @DuhBe - Great to hear from you! Just read your lump of coal tutorial before bed last night. Thanks for the kind words; I was almost worried by the number of photos!

  5. Heaven! I love washi tape! So fun. Your blog is full of such great inspiration!

  6. @Katie - Isn't it a wonderland? I was so glad we were able to see it - it was just up for a week!


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