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December 23, 2011

Gifted Readers Spotlight

I've had the pleasure of receiving some photos from my readers (okay, two of them are family) in my inbox this week. Take a look at their twists on these gift wrapping ideas!

My sister executed her own version of the Powder Puff Gift Topper. Looking good, sis! She even gave me the photo caption: "Even my sister who says she's not crafty can do this!"

And my mom sent me her gift wrapping idea for jars: roll in tissue on the diagonal, embellish with brightly colored paper stuck on with washi tape. So crisp and clean!

Finally, Michelle wrote in with this adorable version of the gift card snowglobe I linked to here. Awesome! She used a snowman-shaped gift card from Target, which only adds to the cuteness.

Readers, don't be shy in sharing your gift wrapping photos with me! You can always write me at giftedmailbox[at] I'd love to take a peek.

More reader awesomeness here.

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