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December 4, 2011

Making Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Cool | Reader Question

"How can I make eco-friendly wrapping paper look "cool"? I usually use newspaper and 1. the ink runs and 2. it looks a little cheap sometimes. Thanks!"   --Shelly

Shelly, this question is near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love to use recycled materials in my gift wrapping, but I want my gifts to look good, too! It might help to have a couple tricks up your sleeve to give that newspaper a fancy touch. What about newspaper gift bags or a loopy paper flower?

Readers, what other tips do you have for making eco-friendly gift wrapping look cool? We want to hear!

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{Images bMarco Bellucci and How About Orange}


  1. Here's a great idea: use silk screen (I'm sure you could also use a stencil) to paint a cool design. I think the ink smudges when the print is newer. You could make sure the paper is very dry by leaving in the sun for a few hours.


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