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December 6, 2011

Mini Tins | Gift Wrap Everywhere

Gift Wrap Everywhere highlights items I've run across in daily life that are perfect for unconventional gift wrapping. Seriously, gift wrap is everywhere!

K, maker of my acorn charm, asked me at church if I'd seen the green tea mints sold at Trader Joe's. She said their tins were an easy gift wrapping idea and made her think of me. Then she brought one for me to play with! I have such a great community.

These little tins are cute and sturdy, and would make unexpected gift wrapping for a small present. (Okay, that's my wedding ring - but wouldn't you give the shock of a lifetime if you proposed with a mint tin?)

I dressed mine up with paper raffia and a little tissue paper fan.

And if you want to get fancy, check this out! Do you have any plans to use unconventional gift wrapping this season?

Psst...It's not too late to get in on my Felt Ornament Class. Come for your lunch break!

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  1. i can think of a few other little things that might fit in there too... A few fancy buttons, a handwritten love note, an old coin. I like this idea!

  2. @Michele Pacey - Ah, so much more practical than a wedding ring. Thank you for chiming in!


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