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December 12, 2011

Non-Squishable Gift Wrapping | Reader Question

"My family travels with a carload of wrapped gifts around Christmas, and various bows and gift toppers are usually smushed by the time we get there. My solution in the past has been to add bows once we're there, but I don't want to do that this year. Do you have any ideas for traveling with gifts, or for flat wrapping ideas that don't look bare and boring?"   --Sarah

Ah, a gift wrapping challenge. I love it! What about making 'belly bands' for your gifts like the ones at the MStetson Pop-Up Shop? They'd add another step to your wrapping but you'd end up with snazzy, stackable presents that would load up well in the car.

An easy way to go would be raffia. Raffia is an immensely forgiving gift wrapping material. Pack it, squash it, and it still looks great! Use a few strands at a time so it doesn't look sparse and you're golden.

Readers, what other solutions do you have for Sarah? We would love to hear your pack-able gift wrapping ideas! (Also: tune in on Wednesday for a gift topper tutorial!)

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{Images bMarco Bellucci and MStetson Design}


  1. The MStetson giftwrap is perfect for solving this issue and looks awesome too. Great solution Charissa!

  2. @Michele Pacey - Thanks, Michele! The belly bands are also a nice way to stretch specialty wrapping paper. You can wrap the gift with a plain kraft paper beneath and then embellish with something more spendy on top!

  3. Charissa - what about furoshiki as an option for travel gift wrap which holds up well? (Been following your blog, although I've been a little quiet these past months.)

  4. @Namitha - Great to hear from you! Furoshiki would be a great idea for gifts that have to travel...either inexpensive cloth squares or maybe reusable ones that could be kept within the family.


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