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December 22, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered | Wrap Story

I'm happy to say these gifts have been SENT! Posted to the East coast for our 3 year old niece and 1 year old nephew.

Genius gift idea stolen from our neighbors: key rings with real keys! We bought the keychains in Thailand and Japan (bet you can guess which one came from where) and the keys came from a local hardware store. Gotta love small businesses - the man let me behind the counter and gave me a whole box of unusable keys to sort through!

I sent my niece C the For the Makers bracelet I embellished...

and we tucked in a top from Japan for nephew L.

N helped me make the wrapping paper by drawing on white tissue, and the beautiful red paper was a gift from Paper Tiger Shanghai. (You can read more about them here.)

I used the black and white pattern on the reverse side of the wrapping paper to make the tags. About a week after sending these we got a proposal from my sister-in-law to just send one gift per family, on time or late...Ah, well. We'll coordinate better next time!

This Wrap Story is part of a series documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the start of The Gifted Blog. Click here to see them all!

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  1. doesn't it feel good to get that done? plus, they look great.

    the clock is really ticking now.... only a few short days to go... tomorrow, I bake :)

  2. @Michele Pacey - Yes! It feels great.

    I wish you the best with the baking! I'm not much of a baker but I'm going to try to recreate my uncle's Swedish Toast recipe since we're not going up to Seattle. Now to find some cardamom...


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