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December 19, 2011

Wrapping Gifts in Jars | Reader Question

"This year I'll be doing some presents in big glass jars (sort of like this). Any ideas on how I can wrap them?"   --Shawna

Ooh, now I'm curious about what you're putting in them! I saw this photo on the Sunset website and thought of you - they used a cardstock tag, cinnamon stick and bright raffia to wrap this jar. It's relatively simple but the colored raffia really makes it pop!

Readers, let's put our heads together and help Shawna out. What are some creative gift wrapping ideas for a glass jar like this?

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{Images bMarco Bellucci and Sunset}


  1. I like the simplicity of the white tag and raffia. You could also attach some sort of bow/gift topper on the side of the jar or right on top even. And it should be a good size to really make the gift pop.

  2. @Michele Pacey - Isn't it nice? I wouldn't have thought to suggest it but the way they styled it is really striking. Thanks for adding to the brainstorm!

  3. Oooo nice idea. Thank you for helping me out! I had to wrap and give a couple last week and I ended up using long strips of tulle to make an oversized bow. I have several more to wrap and pass out this week so I think I will try doing something like the picture. Thanks!

  4. @Shawna - I bet the tulle looked fabulous. Thanks for reporting back!


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