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January 30, 2012

Ticker Tape Gift Basket | Gift Wrap Everywhere

Gift Wrap Everywhere highlights items I've run across in daily life that are perfect for unconventional gift wrapping. Seriously, gift wrap is everywhere!

Let's see what we can do with an empty berry basket...

and a small hoard of ribbon bits, shall we?

After an unfruitful (no pun intended) attempt at weaving, I decided to try a confetti approach. I tied bits of ribbon around the edge of the gift basket.

Festive! And a fun way to use up bits of ribbon.

I added some new glitter ribbon to add brightness and sparkle.

What would you put in this? I loved the result but had a hard time thinking about what kind of gift this might house. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. way cute! I have a slew of these waiting patiently to be put to use. gift baskets are a good solution. if you collected a few you could throw in a few little gifts and use them at a child's birthday celebration as party favours maybe?

    1. Nice! They're playful and casual - a birthday party seems like an appropriate use for them.


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