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February 20, 2012

Bangkok Bloomers | Wrap Story

Some of you heard back in the fall that our dear friends were getting married, and we were travelling to Bangkok for the celebration! Here they are, newly wed, about to lead a procession of dancing, clapping guests through the streets:

Some weddings, you barely get to see the bride and groom. So I felt super blessed that L made plenty of time the week of the wedding to spend time with her friends, some local and some in town for her big day. We had a leisurely lunch together (that was supposed to be ladies-only until G and N crashed it), had our nails done, and ended with a bachelorette party!

I sewed a pair of Madeleine Mini-Bloomers to give as a bachelorette gift. I found a cloth gift bag in my stash that coordinated nicely. Yay for gift wrapping that travels well!

I realized later that I never got a good shot of the gift bag closed because this was happening at the site of my photo shoot:

All in a day's work for a glamorous, globe-trotting blogger! (You can see that one of the pillows in the second shot is blurry because of this romping.) Do you have any go-to gifts for the bachelorettes in your life?

This Wrap Story is part of a series documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here to see them all!

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  1. I've seen those mini-bloomers elsewhere (can't recall where...) but i think they make a super bachelorette gift. Nice one Charissa, and of course the bag just makes it extra-special!

  2. I love these! And I love the fabric of the bloomers and the bag. I'm such a fan of stripes. You're so talented. I kind of want to learn to sew, but it seems so daunting.

    1. Girl, you can do it! Take a class at my work the next time you're in L.A. or look for a community college course near you. It's totally conquer-able.
      : )

  3. Mini-bloomers are lovely. I wish I could face sewing. Love your pictures of 'the romp' and the bride and groom.

    1. Thanks, Valerie! We had such an amazing time...glad to share just a peek into the trip though the photos.


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