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February 28, 2012

Festively Topped Wedding Gift

A quick pair of shots from our friends' Bangkok wedding. First, the radiant bride with her father. The wedding was held in a lush public park (unheard of in Thai culture - weddings are usually at hotels).

And second, one of the wedding gifts brought to celebrate the day. I've never seen a bow like this! I'm guessing it's a store-bought bow with tiny cuts in each loop, but - who knows - maybe it's all handmade.

Either way, very cool (and reminds me of this special touch at a Thai restaurant!). If anyone has experience with gift wrapping in Thai culture, we want to hear!

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1 comment:

  1. Charis- sorry for the belated commenting but this bow is very common in Thailand! Also the bow is the most important part of the gift wrap- if you have a bow it's like you're being generous with the gift and if not than no, that's why gift bags are not as popular. Clearly they haven't read your bows on bags tutorial over here yet. YET.


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