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February 11, 2012

Imaginary Tweets: Chocolate Sandwich Taco Edition

Ooh! A surprise package came from LuLu Wraps. Thanks, ladies, it's so pretty.

3 cheers for husbands who bring home leftovers from catered meetings!

Although he did tell me that he dropped some sandwiches on the ground.

After we'd eaten them.

I put tartar sauce on my Senor Fish tacos. Please don't judge!

N and I found a tangerines and lemons to pick on campus. Love living where we do.

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  1. Whaaaat?!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha! That's hilarious about the sandwiches, oh my goodness! Did he pick them up within 3 seconds 'cause that's the rule right?

    1. I know! I just wrote you an email reply, but for anyone else wondering...G is not terribly fastidious when it comes to food safety (usually with no harm done), but he does have quick reflexes. So I'm hoping their contact with the ground was very, very brief.
      : )


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