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April 6, 2012

My Funny Valentine

I did something I've never done before this past Valentine's. I hinted - heavily - at what I wanted as a gift. 

As I mentioned (at the end of this post), G and I don't have any traditions for getting each other gifts for V-Day. We've kind of played it by ear, and each year has looked different.

So what changed that I became a gift-hinting spouse? Two things. One, I really wanted it. I know material things can't bring lasting joy, but this Etsy item was calling my name. Two, G didn't get me anything for Christmas. And to be honest, I was bummed. I was stressed over figuring out our first Christmas at home (we usually fly out to be with family), and the first trimester of pregnancy was leaving me bloated, nauseated, and feeling sorry for myself.

So I asked. And lo and behold...I received.

Thank you, G, for indulging my request for this beautiful Sora Designs necklace. It is lovely. I enjoy wearing something that is so well-made, and knowing that your purchase is supporting a jewelry maker's dream! (And I get to tell customers at work it's from a "Valentine's admirer"; hee hee.)

If the gift wrapping looks familiar, G used the silk furoshiki I received from LuLu Wraps to wrap the necklace. (We'd eaten the chocolates inside maybe a day earlier. Didn't take long for it to be re-used!) Thank you again, honey!

What about you - are you a gift-hinter? Or do you know someone who is? I think there's an art to doing it well that I haven't yet mastered.

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  1. How cute! We have a google doc that we each update with gift ideas (for ourselves) throughout the year. It's worked great because you can add stuff when you think of it, and it's easy to find out what the other person wants. So I guess we are major gift hinters :P

    1. Sarah, what a brilliant idea! I think what I didn't like about hinting for my gift this time around is that it felt a little too direct. But I didn't see any way around it because my request was quite specific! A Google Doc is a nice way to be specific but not pestering about what you'd love to receive for a special occasion.

  2. Lovely necklace, Charissa! I noticed it in your date post! =)

    How did you hint to G? I try to hint (leaving webpage tabs up with items I want, saying things like, "Gosh, I really don't have too many necklaces," etc.) but Eddie doesn't get them. =P So I usually tell him what I want (sometimes I even get it myself). He's gotten me some cute clothes for the last Christmas and birthday, but I had to exchange/return them because they were too big. =P

  3. I'm not a hinter. I'm a teller: "This is what I want:------ ". It makes it much easier for him. But, yeah, the surprise aspect is out the window...

  4. i rather tell him wat i want next ting he mite jus read the hint wrong.


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