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May 3, 2012

All I Want for Mother's Day Card | Free Printable

I have a delightful roundup of free printable Mother's Day cards to share with you tomorrow, but today I wanted to point you toward this. Jenn of Ambrosia Creative designed this card with her husband in mind. She writes:
So do you have a honey that can use a little direction in honoring you this Mother’s Day? Download this free greeting card, then check off your wants needs.
The list on the card is pretty funny. Read it and download the card here. Thanks, Jenn! Sometimes a gal needs a hand giving good hints.

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{Image via Ambrosia Creative}


  1. Replies
    1. I know. Lighthearted but direct. : )

      I just got asked tonight if there's anything I'd like for Mother's Day...I guess having my spouse subscribed to my blog is as good as giving him this card!


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