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May 29, 2012

Engagement Rings, Proposals, and Seventy Seven Diamonds

My own engagement didn't include any fancy gift wrapping, but of course it's still special to me. G and I road-tripped to Santa Barbara to celebrate our 1-year dating anniversary. The morning of our anniversary, G took me to a park with a gorgeous view of the coast. Little did we know: it was a dog park! Happy dogs ran freely off-leash, a golden retriever splashed through a puddle from recent rainfall.

We sat on a fallen log overlooking the ocean, where G told me he'd taken a trip to Seattle to ask for my parents' marriage blessing. I had no idea! Then he read me a poem he wrote, which ended with the big question: will you marry me? It was a wonderful proposal.

(Funny thing is, I'd seen G take the engagement ring box from his backpack and put it in his pocket as we got out of the car. His trip to see my parents was a true surprise, though!)

I hadn't given much thought to how to gift wrap an engagement ring, but when UK-based jeweler Seventy Seven Diamonds reached out to partner with my blog, the wheels started turning. Seventy Seven Diamonds offers many kinds of jewelry, but the company takes its name from the year 1477, when the Archduke of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to his beloved and the western practice of giving engagement rings began.

As I researched proposal stories for this post, I found a guy who popped the question by putting the engagement ring into a cut out space in a Harry Potter book (note the chapter title!). A friend shared how her boyfriend washed her feet before asking her to marry him. My cousin got on one knee saying he had "a rock in his shoe" he needed to get out - little did his girlfriend know what kind of rock it was!

One unique way to present an engagement ring is inside a Pixie box (above) by husband and wife team Oh Dier. Handmade from reclaimed wood, the Pixie was designed especially for an engagement ring or other keepsake jewelry. Love it.

In the end, as cheesy as it may sound, I think the best gift wrapping for an engagement ring isn't necessarily ribbons or tulle or gift tags, it's the experience and love with which it's presented.

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{Photobooth image via youwannatalkjive, Pixie ring box image via Oh Dier}


  1. That is such a cute story. I love it.

    1. Thank you, Patricia! I felt a little shy sharing it and appreciate the comment.

  2. it's always fun to hear engagement stories, and to look back with fond humor at things that didn't go exactly as planned (like how you saw him take the ring out beforehand).

    we also celebrated our 1 yr dating in SB, and then we took another trip there when W proposed. we celebrated 1 yr of marriage there too, so it's a special place for us. so fun that we share the same engagement locale! ;)

    1. Cool, Bo! I never knew. We didn't do a whole lot of exploring on that trip (this was pre-Yelp, I think), but when we returned a year or so ago with my parents we really enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know about the connection.


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