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May 30, 2012

How I Paid it Forward in May

As promised, I'm here to report some of the ways I found to Pay it Forward this month to sustain the blogs, businesses and artists that make my life better. So excited about this project! First, I was happy to buy this automaticsweetheart purse made by my talented coworker Renée Valenzuela.

As I've mentioned before, Renée makes a beautiful line of handmade leather goods, and I had been eyeing her purses since wearing more pocket-less maternity dresses (I miss you, jeans!). Now I have a way to tote my cell phone and keys through week 40 and beyond.

Next, my sister, mom and I placed an order with Ballyhoo Bath to stock up during its May sale. The woman behind Ballyhoo, Luci, is an old blog friend. With a background in physics and a passion for creating, Luci is celebrating one year of making high quality bath and body products. Go, Luci!

At first I thought we'd save a few bucks by combining our order, but we qualified for free shipping that knocked about $20 off our purchase. Score! I had to laugh a little when all of our shampoo and conditioner choices were the same two fragrances. I guess the apples don't fall far from the tree.

Finally, I bought my mom a lotion she admired when she visited me at Common Thread Studio. I'm more a saver than a spender and generally resist the temptation to buy the many covet-able items at work. It was nice to have an occasion (Mother's Day and a trip up to the NW) to buy a gift for!

If you pay it forward to sustain someone's creative work, leave a comment, email me at giftedmailbox[at], or give me the link to where you've blogged about it. Would love to hear from you!

Pay it Forward Idea #2: Replace just one thing
Supporting creative businesses doesn't mean you have to go and buy artisianally-made everything. Try replacing one mass-produced product you use with something handmade. Then see how it goes! I was thrilled to find that my Ballyhoo Bath shampoo worked better than anything else I'd tried, and in the end I'm happy to be supporting the friend who made it.

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  1. You are so adorable-y pregnant!!! I wish I looked like that during my two pregnancies!

    1. Thank you, Shelly! Granted, the first picture was taken at work...I'm definitely sporting a much more casual look (maternity sweatpants, anyone?) at home.

  2. That purse is so cute and reminds me that I could really use a new one. I've had the same black purse for probably 15 years (!!!). It has served me well but boy, I'd love something fun and really cool like gold maybe!

    1. Good for your black purse...especially if it works for you there's something satisfying about getting A LOT of use out of the things you own.

      I'd usually choose something more conservative, but when I saw Renee's gold purse on sale as a sample I decided to bite the bullet and be flashy!

  3. You look awesome with that gold purse! And thanks a TON for including me here (DuhBe=Luci=BallyhooBath)

    I love your challenge to replace just ONE thing with handmade. That's how it all starts... baby steps. Great idea! I'm looking forward to more of these posts.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! A friend asked me about your shampoos and my reply email could as well have been an advertisement.

      If there are ways you've supported a small business, artist, or blogger and want to share, let me know!


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