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June 4, 2012

The Gift I Wrapped in the Bathroom | Wrap Story

A personal first, folks: I wrapped a gift in the bathroom. We'd flown up to Seattle and spent most of the day en route to SeaTac airport and then Whidbey Island with my parents and sister. The next morning was Mother's Day already and I hadn't wrapped my mom's present!

I picked out a piece of newsprint from the fire log stack. Then I grabbed my camera, the gift (lotion from my work), and a bag and headed to the master bathroom of the house we were staying in to get out of Mom's sight.

I'd planned ahead a bit by bringing the gift bag from work. (I think they're originally meant for coffee beans.) I really like them - they're sturdy and easy to make attractive with a bit of tissue paper (or in my case, newspaper) concealing the gift.

Done just in time for Mother's Day breakfast!

My sister (head breakfast chef), mom and dad.

I think my mom liked the lotion. But the story doesn't stop there - look what she did!

My mom turned the gift bag into a beautiful way to present the house owners with a thank-you. My dad's cousin and wife had graciously given us the keys to their place for our vacation, and my mom put some gift cards into the bag along with some dried grasses, stones, and shells from beachcombing with N.

So much cooler than what I did. Oh, moms.

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  1. both versions are lovely! the little window creates a sense of excitement for what's inside.

    1. Thanks, Michele! I hadn't used that kind of bag before working at the sewing studio and I really like it. Because it closes at the top it's really very low-waste - just a little paper is needed to hide the gift.

  2. If that's your mom's handwriting on the card for the house owners, she has some phenomenal writing. Just beautiful!

    1. Yes, it's her handwriting. I usually blur names out for the sake of privacy but it was too pretty to photoshop!

  3. love your mom's gift! and she does have amazing handwriting. i've been interested in calligraphy in the past. i think it's a great and useful skill to have.

    1. Ooh, that would be fun to learn - I did an intro course in middle school but that was it. Do you follow the blog I Still Love You? She just started an online calligraphy course!


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