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August 20, 2012

6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas from the Kitchen

I write The Gifted Blog with the firm belief that everyone is creative. Gift wrapping is my topic of choice because it's a totally accessible creative medium. It's temporary. It doesn't require an art degree. And yet, there's endless potential for expression!

Some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas are ones that use materials from around the house, and today I'm highlighting some ideas from the archives you may have missed. Sometimes a stroll to your very own kitchen is all it takes for inspired gift wrapping!

1) Use plastic wrap to make a gift lei.
2) Make stitched gift bags from brown paper wine bags.
3) Package edible gifts in jars.
4) Mail a gift in a juice bottle.
5) Pull some celery from the fridge and make stamped gift wrap.
6) Turn a ramen package into ribbon (pictured above).

Any other fun gift wrapping ideas using supplies from the kitchen? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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  1. The celery idea is super! I will definitely be giving that a shot!

    1. Cool, Michele! It's a fun project, and I can see you doing all kinds of fun things with other veggies, too.


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