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September 17, 2012

Ironing Tissue Paper: Yea or Nay?

While organizing posts in my 'Drafts' folder I came across these old photos I snapped while ironing tissue paper. It's not something I do regularly, but there was something so satisfying about seeing each sheet come out all smooth!

What do you think - is ironing tissue paper a waste of time or an investment in sustainable gift wrapping?

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  1. I've never done it, but I will now :)

  2. Yea yea yea. I do it pretty regularly!

  3. I have done it, but not often. I think it's worth it for special pieces, like if the tissue has a nice pattern you want to keep and reuse, but the time and extra effort (even if minimal) isn't worth it for just a plain sheet.

    I also find that even after ironing, regular tissue paper will still have a softened, used look to it, as the creases never fully disappear. A used sheet can't compare to a crisp new one, but it can have a nice effect if it's purposeful. I like to crumple the tissue even more before ironing it so the wrinkles are more uniform.

    However, ironing does work great for Japanese watermark tissue; because it's made of rayon fibres, it irons out perfectly flat. And at $2.75 a sheet, it's worth the extra effort. (Here's a link to watermark tissue (disclosure: I dod some work for the Japanese Paper Place, which wholesales the tissue):

  4. Have not thought about doing that but what a great idea because I save tissue paper but then when I reuse them they are all wrinkled. Hope you are adjusting to live with 2 kids!

  5. Seems crazy to not iron shirts but iron tissue paper. But I'm going to give it a try. Great idea.

  6. Hi Charissa,

    I've been reading through your blog, and you have some very clever ideas! I'm not sure the best way to get in touch with you, but I'm working with a friend on a Christmas card project and we've tried to think about packaging and wrapping in a different way too. You can check it out here:

    As an authority on the subject, I'd love to know your thoughts on our project. Or if you want to share your thoughts on our project we'd appreciate the help in spreading the work on our Christmas-tree-in-a-box.


  7. the frugal side of me loves this.

  8. Definately - I do it all the time - it is very satisfying. I've just done a whole pile from gifts I received this Christmas. I do all my gift wrap too. It really pains me when I see my sister in law just chucking good paper and ribbons out, so I managed to save most of the family's this year.


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