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October 22, 2012

3 Thank-You Ideas for New Parents

We've received so much support and love since the arrival of Little N. I mentioned before we were headed into a season of thank-you writing and that has certainly been the case!

I already shared our friend's genius thank you gift with you. Today I have three more ideas for thank-yous that are especially good for bleary-eyed new parents.

1) Jot a card to give when you return dishes/tupperware.
If you were the lucky recipients of meal deliveries, use your thank you notes to label any containers you need to return. Not only can you cross two things off your list when you hand them back, but the thank you notes will help you keep track of whose dishes are whose as they pile up on the kitchen counter.

2) DIY digital thank you.
With the addition of some text, turn your favorite baby photo into a digital thank you! I used Picasa to write "thank you!" on this digital picture, then attached it to emails to family and friends.

3) Free Red Stamp app.
This free app lets you send personalized photo cards from your iPhone or iPad via text, email, or snail mail. Wild! My friend summarized her experience with Red Stamp as "perfect for someone who is addicted to her iPhone and doesn't like writing cards. :)" There's another helpful review on momfilter.

So that's it for me! What about you? Are there any ways you make it easy on yourself to send thank-yous?

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{Red Stamp image via momfilter}


  1. It's a bit easier when it's for a wedding and such, but having pre-printed address labels for all of your guests is amazing!
    If you have a super-amazing baby shower host, they may even get you a list of addresses, to help you out!

    1. That's a wonderful idea. I've also been to showers (I forget if they were bridal or baby) where guests were asked to address their own envelope. Thanks for sharing!


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