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October 26, 2012

Free Printable Gift Envelope | Free Printable Friday

I just read something surprising: a study on gift-giving found that gift recipients appreciated receiving money more than an item from their wish lists. But the gift-givers assumed that money would be the least appreciated gift.

Fascinating, no? I totally relate - giving money can sometimes seem impersonal, but when I receive money as a present, I'm stoked! Now that we have that straight, feel free to use these elegant printable gift envelopes by Kaori Shinohara the next time you give a cash gift.

Earlier this year: Free Printable Money Envelope, In Which I Print a Printable

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{Image via Canon}


  1. This is a great idea! I gave my brother money for his birthday last week and he was really, really appreciative. He really needed it instead of a gift certificate or a physical gift. I love the fancy envelope idea, too. Thanks for the tips. :0D Tina

    1. Hi Tina - Of course! I thought that was such an interesting finding from the study...there's some kind of disconnect we have that I relate to, maybe a stigma we have against giving cash gifts. But really, who is disappointed to receive money?


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