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November 12, 2012

Creative Gift Card Wrapping

Meet Nora, creative mind behind Just Make Stuff and teacher of an awesome-looking Christmas gift tag class. I stumbled on her blog and knew you'd enjoy her take on gift wrapping!

Hi there, my name is Nora Griffin and I have had my little blog, Just Make Stuff, for over seven years. I am so happy to be sharing some gift wrapping ideas with you on Charissa’s fantastic blog today!

So, I don’t know about you, but my family gives a lot of gift cards. It’s a perfect way to send a little thank you to someone who has helped you out…and who doesn't love receiving a little spending money for their birthday?

It’s important to me that opening up a gift card is just as fun as ripping into any other gift, so I take some a little time and some crafty supplies to try to make it special…

I think one of the easiest ways to make a gift card look cute is to slip it inside a flat gift bag. You can include it with a card or even adhere it directly inside...

You can also wrap them up in a little wrapping paper and package them together with a card. Opening up multiple layers like this makes the gift more of an event…

Items like twine, office tags, punched shapes and patterned paper make great decorations…

I hope these ideas have shown how many options there can be when wrapping up a gift card. Thanks so much to The Gifted Blog for inviting me to share!

No, Nora, thank you! I really enjoy your use of texture and color, and it's fun to see your talent as a scrapbooker come through in your gift wrapping. See more of Nora's creative ideas here.

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  1. hello! where do you purchase the 2 toned string - the one from the first photo? thanks!

    1. Hey Lisa! I'm not sure where Nora buys her baker's twine, but here is a selection on Etsy. I'm sure you can also find it at a craft store. Anyone have a favorite source to recommend?

    2. Hi Lisa...
      I have gotten all of my twine (and I have way too much) from either Divine Twine or The Twinery. The bright pink in the first photo came from The Twinery. Hope that helps :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by our blog. So lovely to discover yours! Your blog Pand passion for loveliness} is wonderful!

  3. This is beautiful! Where did you get those cardboard envelopes with the button on top? I also love the patterned paper envelope to slip the gift card into. Could you tell me where you got yours? Thanks :)

    1. All the credit goes to Nora, guest poster extraordinaire! Take a look at her blog ( - there is a category on gift wrapping and maybe you can track down her sources.

  4. Beautiful! Where did you get the cardboard envelopes, and patterned paper envelopes to slip the gift card into? Thanks :)

  5. These are all very unique, crafty, and creative ideas for giving out those gift cards. It is so much more fun than just simply throwing it into a card envelope. Thank you for sharing Nora!


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