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December 20, 2012

Christmas Gift Wrapping in Bulk

Sometimes with Christmas gift wrapping it's best to just crank it out. Over the past month I've collected three creative gift wrapping ideas that would work well for gift wrapping in bulk. Grab your pile of gifts, stock up on a few key supplies, and get to wrapping!

1) Pastry bag + jute twine + candy cane by Katherine Marie

2) Paper bag + fabric ribbon + stamped tag at Just Make Stuff

3) Kraft paper + sticker + manila tag + baker's twine by Viva Adonis

I love that these gift wrapping ideas are simple but still feel quite special. I wonder if you could wrap gifts with these ideas production-line person could wrap and the other embellish, perhaps?

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  1. They are so simple, yet so effective. Tonight I get to wrap a bunch of stuff... it will probably resemble the work of my spouse by the time I am done. My spouse's current favorite? Finding empty store gift bags and stapling the tops shut.

    1. Hee hee! I hope your night of wrapping went well, Anne.

  2. I love these! So earthy and totally chain-gang-able (that's a word right?).

    1. Agreed. I feel like my gift wrapping so often uses obscure components and it's hard to recommend doing something just like it. But these are beautiful and do-able at the same time.


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