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December 20, 2012

Extra Fancy Rice Sack Gift Wrapping | Wrap Story

If you're my sister or brother-in-law, STOP READING!  : )**

Last Christmas was the first one G and I spent at home here in Southern California. We're usually zig zagging the country to be with extended family in the Midwest or Pacific Northwest, but last year we stayed put. I knew it was something we'd have to do eventually, and it was good to do it, but we were actually in kind of a sad state come Christmas day.

I was fatigued and nauseated ('cause of this guy!) and G and Big N were sniffling from colds. The previous weeks had been particularly stressful with finding Christmas gifts and shipping them off to our dear family. I realized how much easier it is to not have to wrap, then send, gifts and vowed to find a way to make things easier on myself this year.

All that to say that I practically high-fived myself when I realized I could ship a gift to Seattle via Amazon, then wrap it myself when we went up to visit back in May. And yeah, it was a Christmas gift. Type A, gift wrapping nerd alert.

We'd been using these awesome glass storage containers for a while and I was excited to get a set for my sister and brother-in-law, who love food and are great in the kitchen.

A brief rummage in my mom's studio and gift wrapping lair turned up all the materials I needed for a foodie-themed gift wrap.

Somewhere along the line my mom acquired these super-cool cotton rice sacks - the kind they used to use back in the day. (Note that 'extra fancy' is used as a rice descriptor it.)

I took some remnants to wrap the containers length-wise and width-wise.

A pair of take-out chopsticks and a few kinds of ribbon completed the wrap.

It felt so good to get this checked off my list. I just had to make sure to stash the gift somewhere where my parents could easily find it to bring out on Christmas day!

Are you a planner when it comes to Christmas gifts?

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  1. The chopsticks as the gift tag take this one right over the top, you are awesome!

    1. You are so sweet; thanks! As you can imagine, I got a kick out of finding chopsticks with a red and green wrapper. So many treasures to gift wrap with at my parents' house. ; )

  2. Charissa- how creative with this wrap. I am going to like visiting your site to see what other creative ways you share for packaging. Who cares what the gift is as long as it looks good!! :)
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Laura! Happy holidays to you, too.


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