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December 22, 2012

Skillet-Wrapped Christmas Gift

I came home last night to a small mountain of gifts from G's parents. His mom did an admirable job of wrapping and I hear credit for the packing goes to his dad. (You know you've done well when your engineer son comments on the efficiency of your packing!)

This year, my wish list included a cast iron skillet from Iowa. Our nonstick skillet is slowly dying after just 5 years of use and I wanted to replace it with something that could last a lifetime. Iowa is my husband's home state and a land of many antique shops. I thought my mother-in-law would get a kick out of hunting for the perfect pan.

I'm so excited! She generously purchased a set of two. Skillet cornbread, here I come...

I went to inspect the tag and was surprised to find Little N's name on it.

At first I thought it was a joke (skillets for a baby?) but G pointed out that it's a tag on a gift inside the cast iron skillet.

A family first and a clever use of space! Knowing what a pain it can be to ship gifts, I'm quite touched by my my in-laws' efforts for us. Thank you, D and P!

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  1. Have always loved the idea of using the gift items themselves as the packaging, too.


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