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February 22, 2013

How I Paid it Forward, Dec-Feb

Time for a Pay it Forward update! I realized I don't always shop often enough to merit a monthly post, but I do have some things to report today. (If you're new to the series, take a look at the kickoff here.)

For Christmas I followed my own advice (idea #4) and put a necklace by Homako on my wish list. My parents gave me the one on the left and it is my new favorite!

I also bought Michele's Juice Cap Ornament PDF tutorial (only $2!). Michele is an amazing maker and blogger. If you've ever gained inspiration from her I highly recommend dropping a little change into her cap via her shop!

Though I usually try to cut costs when dining out, my cheapskate ways were halted momentarily last month. I picked up two sandwiches to go at this cute place in Pasadena, Ginger Corner Market. I usually don't leave a tip when I get food to go, but their payment system (Square on a mini tablet!) gave me the option to tip 15, 20, or 25%. Something about those little checkboxes gave me pause and I tipped. It was only a few bucks more (if that) and it felt good to give a little extra to a family-run business.

Similarly, I tried tipping generously after my haircut at Salon Aguayo. I went to their 'New Talent' hours, where younger stylists give haircuts under the supervision of a teaching stylist. I enjoyed my experience and figured the cheaper cut could balance out a bigger tip to thank my stylist for her attentive service.

Pay it Forward Idea #5: Eat Cheap, Tip More
I'm typically a by-the-book, 15% tipper, but recently I've been thinking about the benefits of tipping above and beyond (especially after this Applebee's tip debacle, yikes). I really enjoy the sentiment behind this idea, which encourages New Yorkers to support local restaurants with double tips. It's not a regular habit yet, but I wonder what it would be like to have a mindset to simply tip more - and to work that into my mental budgeting when deciding where to eat, what to order, where to patronize, etc.

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{Images via Homako, Michele Made Me, Ginger Corner Market}


  1. I just want to say thank you again Charissa for taking a little stoll through the shop and purchasing a tute. So very kind of you! I really appreciate your support and friendship. Hope you are well!

    1. Of course, Michele! Had been meaning to buy one for so long and glad I finally pulled the trigger.

  2. Nice idea about showing appreciation for good service with a more generous tip!

  3. Charissa, I stopped by Ginger on Saturday (after reading this), intending to just look around. But the salads sounded so good that I bought one, and it was delicious. Thanks for including a local recommendation!


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