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February 14, 2013

Something I'll Miss

Happy Valentine's Day! This morning we're on a plane to Iowa, where we'll spend some time with G's family before reaching our final destination: Seattle.

When the reality of our move to Seattle finally sunk in, I made a 'bucket list' of sorts, things I wanted to do before we left Pasadena. G and I had tea and wandered the gardens at the Huntington...

then took a trip to Lake Arrowhead and crunched through the melting snow. (We loved our rental house, by the way - let me know if you want the info!)

I'm going to miss living somewhere where a desert paradise or snowy mountains are a little drive away. Have you ever made a big move? What did you miss the most?

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  1. I'd love the info on your rental. Good luck in Seattle.

    1. Hi Sandy - Sure! I couldn't email you back; could you send me a quick email to me at giftedmailbox[at] and I can send you the link?

  2. What I think I missed most and had no idea to anticipate are the more abstract things, like the feeling of belonging to the place, and season changes and weather. The more tangible things are driving and running on country roads, fireflies, and food I didn't know wouldn't be as common here (mostly local stuff that I took for granted growing up.)

    Have fun!!!!!

    1. Ah, the intangible things. That makes sense - especially the feeling of 'belonging'. What are the local foods that are hard to find in CA?


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