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March 13, 2013

Calendar Gift Boxes | Gift Wrap Everywhere

Gift Wrap Everywhere highlights items I've run across in daily life that are perfect for unconventional gift wrapping. Seriously, gift wrap is everywhere!

G and my birthdays are five days apart. For our last birthdays my sister S sent our birthday gifts packaged in these super cool gift boxes.

We opened them up and saw the Gift Wrap Everywhere philosophy in action! S's childhood friend is a photographer and graphic designer and made a calendar with her images. S had held onto the calendar pages and gave them a second life as gift boxes.

When I asked my sister what instructions she used to make the boxes she nonchalantly said, "Oh, I just folded up the sides and glued them." For those of us a little less spatially intelligent, this origami gift box video might be employed the next time you want to turn a calendar page into a way to give a gift!

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  1. The whole re-purposing concept is great!

  2. LOVE this! It would look cool with the actual calendar grid showing, too! Maybe with the recipient's birthday highlighted..


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