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November 21, 2013

Funny Secret Santa Tip

My cousin is organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange for Seattle-area family. She requested that we 'reply all' with our likes, dislikes, and any allergies. They've been surprisingly funny to read!
Likes: sausages, bacon, noodles, salty snacks, smoked foods
Allergies: I maybe allergic to large doses of crab, maybe raw almonds and other nuts, bad design
Not fond of: Tupperware containers with no lids.
In addition to learning something new about relatives we're just getting to know, I also got some tips for the people I should know better about. My sister put scarves on her 'dislike' list because she has so many of them already. (Good to know because I was kinda thinking about these for her birthday.) My dad noted he doesn't like sweet things. (Ironically, we bought him and my mom a couple of these last weekend.)

Is an 'interests list' something you do already for Christmas gift exchanges? It's been so useful and entertaining that I think getting it's something we should build into our family tradition.

Four years ago: Christmas Gift Brainstorming

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  1. That is a very good idea! You know not everybody is happy after exchanging gifts the list of likes and dislikes should make it easier.

  2. I just LOVE reading your blog. So inspiring! I'm glad you're back on and I'm glad you and your sweet family are here!!! :)

  3. Cousin! I'm totally adding this element to the Inagi gift exchange. Thanks for the tip :)

    1. Yay, glad this was helpful! At first I was bummed we hadn't thought of it sooner, but the fun part of it has been the 'reply all' element - getting to see everyone's likes/dislikes, not just the person whose name you drew. : )

  4. What a great idea! And I agree that the comments are the best part!!

    Our family is so big, we draw names and have a set price range; everyone includes a few suggestions with their name. That way there's an element of surprise, but no disappointment.


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