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February 14, 2014

Spring Fashion Inspired Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here in Seattle we're just starting to see signs that spring is on its way. Last week two tiny crocuses pushed their way up by our front door...then got snowed on. Hmm.

Today I'm partnering with Midori Ribbon to bring you 3 gift wrapping ideas inspired by Spring 2014 runway trends, something we can enjoy regardless of the weather outside. This idea is a little out of my comfort zone, but I got the idea from a trend report on the Midori blog. It was fun! I needed the push to try new gift wrapping ideas.

Trend: 3D embellishments
The Spring runway shows featured plenty of intricate embellishments, sometimes piled one onto another. I dotted the patterns on a square shaped gift with dupioni silk bows to give it texture. The bows are time-consuming but easy - just cut two short lengths of ribbon on the diagonal and tie with thread. I love the way light reflects off the silk bows and gold print on the gift wrap. Runway look by Alberta Ferretti.

Trend: Icy pastels
It's hard to see, but the design on this wrapping paper has a bit of a sheen. I used two colors of double faced satin ribbon and tied them in a one-loop bow to mimic the fabric and belt of the dress. I felt very Project Runway! Dress by Marissa Webb.

Trend: Fringe
Some of my favorite looks featured lots of and lots of fringe, like this crazy sweater by 3.1 Phillip Lim. For this gift, I used pink and beet-dyed tissue paper, a delicate handmade paper from Thailand, and a scrap of gift wrap to make fringe. If I'd had mustard-colored tissue it would have been fun to mimic the color palette of the sweater more closely.

And that's it! Thanks to Midori Ribbon for the gift wrapping materials. I had so much fun thinking out of the box with this one! Do you have a favorite? I think I like the fringe the best.

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{Image credits: 3.1 Phillip Lim outfit by ImaxTree, Marissa Webb dress by ImaxTree & Alessandro Lucioni. All other images by The Gifted Blog}


  1. I loved all the embellishments! But I do have to say I liked the pink icy pastels the best ;) Hope your weather warms up soon!

  2. They're all very cool, but I think I like the ice pastels the best, because I am a sucker for ribbon. But the 3D reminds me of little butterflies and is darling, too! I especially love that hot fuchsia color. And who doesn't like some fringe?

  3. So creative! Really loving the fringes and embellishments. These are lovely, thanks for sharing!


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