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April 15, 2014

Imaginary Tweets: Spring Break Edition

Big N is on spring break from preschool and I was a little apprehensive about all that unstructured time. But so far, so good, even if we're only 2 days in! Yesterday's activity: unwrapping 80 rolls of toilet paper and stacking TP towers.

Trying Naturebox to mix up preschool snacks (affiliate link). These and these are the boys' favorites so far, and I may or may not have added chocolate covered almonds for myself.  : )

We have FOUR bags in pearl barely in the pantry (long story). Any recipe ideas??

After seeing this and this I tried putting shredded carrots and coconut milk in our morning oats. I like it!

Above: Little N's scribbles for his cousin's birthday card. I love the colors he used.

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  1. You're so creative with your food as well. Way to keep checking things out for meal prep/snacks. And why are these imaginary tweets? You should totally join twitter! :)


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