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June 12, 2014

Glad He's Okay

We had a little drama yesterday. Little N woke up with a fever, which persisted at 104.3 even after Tylenol. I called the advice nurse, gave him ibuprofen as directed, and got ready to take him to the E.R. if his temp stayed high. There were many stressed-out calls made to my husband, Big N's preschool, and our neighbor. Thankfully, the fever dropped and we were able to continue the day as usual. Whew!

I happened to see the Google Voice transcription for one of my voicemails to G and was struck by how clearly it conveyed my sense of urgency:
Hey Honey, I'm just calling tomorrow for it. And so You know, something from you. Bye. So, your client, even after giving Paul So I have been at that one. Oh well. 3. And the E 50 minutes after giving I don't know, and I hope this finds of an answer, so if she's gonna concerned. Hey delivered to go down She said, For Kids under. Judith Ashton Kutcher over 102 and this is busy DE at the. Hello, My name is going to. Chilton's E R which I guess is nearing invalid. Hi, I just pray for our peace in our Nichols quick recovery. That would be great, and now, so if you could put Okay bye.
Judith Ashton Kutcher, huh? Gonna keep that name in mind if we ever have a girl. That would be great, and now, so if you could put Okay bye.

*YanYans courtesy Grandma ShaSha.

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