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April 4, 2016

Super Cute Japanese Packaging

Back when he was in grad school, G was given a gift from a visiting Japanese scholar. What could it be? I'm seeing little chicks, a chocolate bar and a bunch of bananas (and is that Mt. Fuji??).

"Chocobanana" (in the green rectangle). Love how this is basically wrapped like a gift.

Inside? Three individually wrapped foil packages and a chick-adorned pamphlet.

And inside the foil packages: little trays of chocolate banana cakes! Oh, modern Japanese packaging. I know I should be more critical of its wastefulness, but examples like this are almost too cute to fault.

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  1. Look who's back! SO great to see you, even though I am months late in seeing this!

    1. Aren't you sweet! The blog is pretty well retired at this point but thank you for saying hello - made me smile this afternoon. : )


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